Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Fiona's first four letters...

I have really enjoyed the start to ALaW this year - I have sat in the studio fiddling around and have eventually come up with something I can work with.

I went for white on white (one of my all time favourite combinations) and pierced the letters through the paper. I only had the i-Phone over at the shed studio so the colours appear more dove-grey on dove-grey; but the sense of them comes through I think.

This is my response to the dotty alphabet - all those little pin pricks make such nice dots!

Here is where I have gotten to so far A, B, C and D

And this is what they looked like lined up together on a piece of blackboard - yum!

And then just because I am who I am - I took a shot of the multi-pierced piece of mat board I had been using to pierce into - the lovely pattern left was too good to ignore!

The alphabet is based upon the style of writing Charles Rennie Mackintosh used to use in his plans and designs.


  1. White on white - fabulous! These letters look great. So classical.

  2. Very stylish, and restrained, Fiona. Just like you.

  3. Terrie those letters look so cool on that! iNspires me to do some for myself!

  4. Great idea! It's going to make an elegant alphabet for sure. And I love the abstracty mat board!

  5. Beautiful, understated and stylish - I agree with Jo, and such a lovely font.

  6. What a lovely beginning to your dotty alphabet - the tiny holes almost look like pearls. And the matboard is fascinating in its own right...I always think it's interesting to see the 'byproducts' of a project - countless strips of creamy thick paper, multicolored threads, curls of backing paper, fluorescent post-it tabs, etc. - and am often inspired to photograph the contents of the waste bin before cleaning up the studio!
    - Lisa

  7. Oh just fabulous piercings Fiona! Stunning. I am all for piercings lately. x gb


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