Monday, January 7, 2013

Jenny's Finished Product

It looks like an accordion book, but it's actually a jacob's ladder. I got the pattern from a book on making books. When it was all done, I realised that I should have stuck the letters on sideways instead ... But it was all too late! If you hold the book one way,the letters are inside the ribbons and in order. If you shake it, the letters move around. It's fun!

Sunday, January 6, 2013


I am happy that I have now completed my 2nd alphabet so I will be able to go forward to 2013 with a clean slate. I made an accordion book and I feel my book making skills are improving. I had beautiful paper which helped with the task. I bought it in Shephards Falkiners in London, a book makers dream shop. So here are some pictures of the finished work.

Friday, January 4, 2013

two more ... but still late !

here are my T and my P for the medieval alphabet.

and my wishes for all the best for all of you in this new year 2013.

I'm late BUT I'll finish this alphabet before the end of this month, I promiss !
and thanks a lot to Fiona and all of you for all the wonderful letters and realisations I saw last year
and, I'm sure, I'll see this year !

Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Happy New Year

Here are my final letters in the 2nd alphabet. I have yet to put them into a book. Thanks Fiona for organizing A.L.A.W. I have so enjoyed the process, it has opened up new creative channels within my art practice and I especially appreciated all the encouraging, positive comments. I wish all of you a happy, healthy and creative 2013. I would love to take part again this year and  look forward to getting to know you a little better and to see what amazing alphabets you will create in the year ahead.

One of my New Year resolutions is to try and spend more time at my art and just have fun making and creating in whatever form that takes. Having a focus such as A.L.A.W. is so helpful as I work much better towards deadlines and goals. So here's to a PRODUCTIVE 2013.

From a to z in one fell swoop

Just in time to post my dotty alphabet before Italy enters the new year... To those of you who have already crossed into 2013: Buon Anno!

This alphabet has taken quite a journey to reach its present form. Before I'd even finished the first alphabet, I was already busy planning—and having great fun with—a 27-cube alphabet (one cube per letter plus a title cube) for the dotty-themed ALaW. Partway through the autumn (in the northern hemisphere, that is), I had already begun scaling back my idea—and collecting plastic bottle tops for a possible alternate process—but then another idea struck in the kitchen one day. To read more about how this alphabet came to be, please visit this post on my blog.

I have really enjoyed participating in ALaW 2012. Thank you to all of the artists for the past twelve months-worth of inspiration...and special thanks to Fiona for giving us this space & handling the details...

Happy New Year to all!
- Lisa

Sunday, December 30, 2012

Deb - final presentation

I made a small box/envelope from the back cover of the Ikea catalogue. I have never made anything like this before and I had to make several prototypes first! (I usually work with fabric.) I have then used silver paper ribbon and a pearl button as a closure. I'm not totally happy with what I've done but it is the end of the year tomorrow and I wanted to finish the alphabet this year!

I have had so much fun being part of ALaW2012. I will not be continuing in 2013 as I will be traveling and also have other projects on the go. I'll continue to follow ALaW with great interest and perhaps join up again in 2014??

Friday, December 28, 2012

I haven’t shown any letters for the past 6 months, partly due to lack of time, but mainly because the letters themselves aren’t very interesting on their own – Neuland Hand using 2 pencils tied together and written onto tracing paper (I actually have to admit that I ended up writing all the letters in one sitting -- am I disqualified?).
Each letter was written in the 7cm square onto tracing paper and then positioned over each other in various directions, sometimes even reversing the letters, to create a pleasing design. I then traced this overall design, again onto tracing paper (see below) and worked with this image.
My aim was that the parts of the letters that form the negative shapes (unpainted areas) should merge with the parts of the letters that have been painted. These painted areas would then become the background.
My first attempt was to paint the design straight onto a ready-cut jigsaw, but I couldn’t find any medium that gave a good result on its surface. I then decided to paint the design, using gouache, onto watercolour paper. I had it scanned and from this image I had the jigsaw professionally made, (the band of lettering was added to make the design fit a 500 piece 55cm x 45 cm jigsaw format).
The finished jigsaw
a section
The Process
Letters superimposed
Original art work – 25cm x 28cm
Additional lettering
Arrival of the pieces
It was great fun to assemble, but much more difficult than I had anticipated!

terrie's last letters

My last letters, but not the book, yet.  Soon.

In each pocket will go photos that I've taken of flowers starting with the letter on the pocket - flower pics are sized at 5x2.25" to fit in the pocket.  Here's a sampling:

So now, on to making the book.......and thinking about next year's alphabets.

Thursday, December 27, 2012

Book finished for alaw2012

Here is the book, I made with the 26 letters of our alphabet, orange, golden and brown.
It was so nice to make these letters...
I was inspired by the book of Noella.

Sure, I am  interested in continuing next year.

alaw 2012 finished

Hello !

Here are the last letters for my second alphabet.
Remember, I have written them with a friend Anne Claire from France.
She is interested in doing ALAW 2013