Sunday, January 15, 2012


Hi Alaw friends, I hope your year is going well so far. I know many of you are going through Summer right now and for us it's 'Winter'. I put it in quotes because here (Southeast U.S.) the Winter is short and not too cold. Right now it's 30˚ F which is rather low for us. Anyway: I've had fun working on my first letters. I chose to go with the dotted theme for my first alphabet. 

A is has a few grundgy dots positioned on a large dimensional 'ball' type of dot. 

 Next is a somewhat camouflaged B on an inverted dotty background-still trying to retain a bit of the dimension from A's background.
 C is a bit more bold and youthful with small and mid size dots and a divider in the center for some contrast.

D is a more obvious contrast, with dots inside and outside the letter form. As always, I became 'lost in the process' as I worked on this. Thank you Fiona for this fun challenge! Happy 2012 to all and thank you for visiting.


  1. wonderfull, really ! how is it made ? I know I'm a bit curious ... and it's freezing here in France !

  2. Love it Jane - particularly the way the A bleeds into the background and the B is in its own little ball!

  3. These are clever Jane. Would like to know more about the process.

  4. Love these, particularly the A, Hi from freezing Quebec


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