Saturday, January 28, 2012

Kim Schoenberger - ABCDE

Ok, starting off with my 'dotty' alphabet - I'm taking on a different approach this time, instead of having every letter different I am chosing to do each the same and to be suitated on an ole pianola scroll defined in their 7cm x 7cm square by dots. Each letter will appear the same but the 'dotty' look will come from not only the border but from the formation of the musical notes creating a random pattern of a negative 'dotty' space. To take full advantage of this negative 'dotty' space I want to finish the piece off in a box like frame creating a light box effect, hence enhancing the negative space.

I quiet like the look, it almost has a kinda binary look to it.

I haven't quiet decided whether to cut it down to size (complete alphabet in one sheet) or keep it intact as a full scroll or atleast keep the top feeder part time will tell I guess, when time comes to framing...


  1. Thanks! rObfOs (I don't know your name? I did look for it), Marie and Jo.

  2. rObfOs - aka Robyn Foster (woman of intrigue and mystery - ha, ha, ha)

  3. Wow - very creative! I like the idea of keeping it as a single scroll and being back lit - totally stunning!

  4. I also like the idea of retaining the original scroll for context - it seems like it would add another dimension to the piece. And the back-lighting concept is brilliant!
    - Lisa

  5. So pleased the dots led you in this direction Kim!

  6. I love these Kim , love the scroll/ binary feel to it, took me a while to figure out what it was. Do you know what piece of music it plays?


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