Sunday, January 1, 2012


Happy New Year to all! I'm a graphic designer living in the state of Georgia - (Southeastern U.S.)
I blog at  where I post portrait sketches and other bits.

I joined Alaw in 2010 and have enjoyed it so much. It's a wonderful thing, having a few 'rules' to work within. One thing I've learned in recent years: I am more effective and productive when I work within parameters. Too many choices can be paralyzing!

The image above is my first letter from 2011's Black & White with a touch of blue texture. 
I began with hand sketched gothic letters, painted lightly with black watercolor, I added the texture somewhat randomly to break up the shape, yet leave it legible. 

I'm ready for 2012-looking forward to creating more letters and seeing what everyone else comes up with.


  1. Hello Jane, Happy New Year, I look forward in seeing your beautiful letters again this year.

  2. Hi Jane, lovely, lovely letters, your work is such an inspiration to me - and I agree with you re having parameters to work within.

  3. G'day Jane... great to see you back again this year. I follow your blog avidly, you are so generous with your tips.

  4. Jane - I'm glad you're back for more letters - I look forward to seeing where the graphics take you this year. Go well.

  5. Jane-great to see people from all over the world joining this project, good luck!


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