Going Dotty alphabets finished

Welcome!  On this page you will find photos of the finished pieces completed by our artists on the alphabet theme  "Going dotty - polka dots and pixels".

One of the two alphabets this year, had to be on this theme, and here are the fabulous results so far.  It just seems like a good idea to have a place to show all of the finished pieces so you don't need to trawl back and forth thru our blog - so please enjoy!

Terrie Purkey
Christine Elcoate
Marie Helene
Heather Courtis
Jane Royal
Lyndell Dobbs
Judith Kilburn
Susan Bowers
Valerie Keevers
Eithna Joyce
Mieke van Sambeek
Elaine Witton
Kim Schoenberger
Fiona Dempster


  1. what a wonerful idea Fiona - its nice to see them together here like this.

  2. Yes, so much fun to see them in one place, thank you Fiona.

  3. Well done Fiona, it is great to see the finished ones altogether.


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