Friday, January 27, 2012

Mieke's First four dotti's.

Here are my first 4 letters of the alphabet, the dotti version.

I painted hot wax on cardboard first.

Wen this was cold and hard I painted several layers of shellac over the top.
Then hit it with a heat gun to melt the wax witch separated the shellac.
The Letters are glued on rust-dust witch I scraped of an rusty piece of iron they are representing the dots.
I then covered the edges with copper strip used in lead lighting and added split pens in some spots to give it some more dots.


  1. what I love to use even more than shellac is gum or grass tree resin. It gives a lovely rich red colour. x te

  2. This technique is amazing! I love the mottled effect, very creative!!

  3. You've excelled yourself Mieke. Great idea, and super letters.

  4. What an interesting process Mieke. Gotta love playing around with shellac, wax and copper and the rust is VERY interesting.

  5. This is so unusual and each letter is such a process - I admire your effort! Love the rusty but shiny contrast and can't wait to see more...


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