Saturday, January 7, 2012


Hi, My patch (15 acres) is in Maleny a wonderful place in the Hinterland of the sunshine coast.
We grow strawberries-kiwifruit-avocados and other bits and pieces witch we sell on markets in the week-ends.
In my "free time"my passion is clay, many different aspects of it I do wheel work, sculpture and everything in between! Different firings as well Raku-Naked Raku, horsehair raku and firings in an electric kiln.

I really enjoyed doing the alphabets so far witch moved me in different directions an outside the square.
So... on to the next one!

a link to my blog


  1. Beautiful art - I'm off to visit your site. Look forward to seeing your alpha.

  2. Looking forward to seeing this year's efforts Mieke.

  3. Sounds like a wonderful place to live and play Mieke, very enamoured with the little object you've posted on this introduction, can't wait to see more.

  4. Hi Mieke - great to have you back; I'm sure wonders await!


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