Friday, January 20, 2012

Introduction - Lau


My name is Laurence Bucourt. I’m leaving in the southwest of France, near Bordeaux.

I love letters, paper, books, pop up, flip books,
and also cutting and folding paper.

I have been a full time calligraphic and book artist for three years.

I participated to ALAW last year, and I enjoyed this challenge a lot.
 The above images are a part of the letters I made for ALAW 2011.

my site :
my blog :

Please apologize, my English is not very good!
I would have wanted to say more about me, but the vocabulary misses me!
(... what is more I am not a talkative person...) 


  1. French:
    Je pense que votre travail est magnifique et délicat, Alau.
    (Ps. J'ai utilisé Google Translate pour écrire en français de l'anglais, donc s'il vous plaît excuse si les mots ne sont pas tout à droite)

    I think your work is beautiful and delicate, Alau.
    (ps. I used Google Translate to write in French from English, so please excuse if the words are not quite right)

    1. Thank you very much rObfOs. and don't bother about translation, I make a lot of mistakes as well!

  2. What lovely letters. Looking forward to what you produce this year.

  3. Hi Laurence ! nice to have another French girl around ! I love your work and look forward your dotty things !

  4. Thank you so much for your introduction Lau (and the photo). I have always felt honoured that you have been part of alaw even though we speak diffenret languages. Your work is sublime and I am looking forward to your next letters...

  5. Your English is excellent (would love to hear you... the French accent is sooooo pleasant on the ear).... and so are your letters.

  6. What A great idea to put your photo on the intro,Its always nice to put an image to the name. Looking forward to see your beautiful letters.

  7. I really like the nice contrasts in both of your 2011 alphabets, especially how the letters cast shadows in the first one - lovely effect! I'm looking forward to seeing what you come up with for 2012...
    - Lisa


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