Thursday, January 12, 2012

Jenny's Intro

It's nice to "meet" all the people that have been producing such amazing work - i had no idea we came from such diverse places!  I live in Vaucluse in Sydney.  My flat has sea glimpses if you stand in the right spot, and lots of visiting bird life, some of which needs to learn that you cannot fly through a closed window.  I am a science teacher in my "normal" life and do calligraphy for the love of it.  Right now i am making a diary, an address book and designing an invitation, all for different friends.  School holidays are wonderful!

The images are from my second alphabet for 2011,  and i am currently planning the first 2012 one.  I learnt last time that it is a good idea to have some idea of how you are planning to put the alphabet together before you start making it!

... looking forward to seeing what everyone produces, there is so much talent out there it is exciting!

:) Jenny


  1. Hi Jenny - I never knew you lived in Sydney! So its been a good idea to introduce ourselves, albeit a year late! Sorry for that...I'm glad you've had time on the holidays to get stuck into the calligraphic side of life - so wonderful to 'soak in it'. Looking forward to your work again this year, F

  2. Hello Jenny... nice to see you back. Lovely part of the world you live in.


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