Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Elaine: Intoduction

I am a calligrapher who lives in a suburb of Sydney. It is so interesting to hear about the backgrounds of the other people involved in the project. I also hadn’t realised how far and wide we are spread. I have been teaching calligraphy to adults for many years and I love doing that, it is so rewarding seeing the students’ enjoyment and their development.

 Over the years my work has become less traditional and I often use free lettering, done with a variety of unorthodox tools, to create what I call ‘calligraphic art’ (that means not always legible). In another life I was a milliner and I am still very attached to fabric and find myself often using it in my work. ALaW is a wonderful idea, especially as I always need a challenge, a new way to do things or develop ideas.
From my first alphabet of 2011 - double ruling pen and ink on acetate film


  1. Hi Elaine, I love the thought of letters and fabric being combined, so tactile. I can see the art of a milliner in the form of your letter. Like the flourish of a feather on a chanteuse's chapeau!

  2. This does look like a beautiful alphabet - I'll have to revisit last year's posts to find more examples of it. I'm participating for the first time and look forward to seeing everyone's alpha!

  3. Hi Elaine,
    Indeed it is fascinating to see the diversity both of the styles and the people taking part, It feels like being invited to a party where you know nobody but as the evening goes on you meet some interesting like minded people. I look forward to seeing each new post and the unique approach each brings to the project.

  4. Hullo Elaine... loved last year's work, and I look forward to seeing your new letters.


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