Thursday, January 19, 2012

Trace's Intro

Hi Trace Willans here from the Great Southern Region of Western Australia.
This is my first time alphabetising here with ALAW.
So I am hoping that I will get away with the rules I will break.
I work a lot with multiple processes and as I work only with natural materials and make all my own paints etc, it makes sense to me to work in multiples.
So what I thought I would do is each month show the letters after having done the next process.
I hope that makes sense.
Above are my first 4 letters hand stitched in cretan stitich onto cotton fabric.
Next month I will show what has happened to the next 4 letters.
This not my dotty alphabet!!!!


  1. Hi Trace. I'm new here too. Just signed up this passed weekend. I have not yet posted my alphabet but when I saw your I had to respond with, "comrade." I should be posting my letters a-d by the week's end and you see why I say that. I too work in natural fibers and hand-dyed fabric. Mine are done mostly with metals and plants. I then stitch onto the fabrics. I was planning on building an accordion book with these first blocks - for alphabet #1. So, in a round about why you can see why I was so happy to "meet" you. Take care for now - lovely colouring with stitch and cloth. Thank you for sharing -

  2. I too am new to ALAW and am really enjoying seeing the different ways people work.
    Sounds like you use very interesting processes, Trace. Look forward to seeing more.

  3. Hi Tracey, I too work with natural stuff/dyes/fabric/etc but have been doing this from the beginning. I am glad there are more like minded people out there. I am not a calligraphist so it is challenging for me. Christine....

  4. I'm a new one here too and very happy to see how different all of us are in the materials we use and the way we work ! I'm waiting for your next four !

  5. I love these Trace - the stitching is quirky but warm. Looking good!

  6. Trace... so glad you are in the loop this year. I look forward to more great letters. The papers and bits you posted me are already appearing in collages.

  7. THanks for all your nice words. I am so glad there are a few a bit like me in the group.Quirky I can do calligraphic I most definitely am not!!!! x te


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