Sunday, January 29, 2012

I'm back, finally!

Everyone has done lovely introductions to this year. I have only just finished No2 alphabet for the 2011 blog and thought I would put a photo of the four I have done so far for mine. This is just about all I do these days and it keeps me going.

One day, when I retire from the library where I work in Community Information producing posters, brochures, banners and flyers to advertise our events, facilities and general goings on, I will hopefully have time to get back into my lettering art. I also still do the design and production of Colophon, the Australian Society of Calligrapher's quarterly journal.

I enjoy doing this and my job too - they are both creative, but all electronic. Not hands on.

I am going dotty, as I said on the 2011 blog, trying to come up with something for 2012. If I don't stress, I'm sure it will come to me. 

Good luck to you all this year. There are some really interesting things happening already.

Meg (also known as confuzed)


  1. You might think you're confu(z)ed, but it all looks well thought out to me.

  2. Hi Meg, your books look beautiful. I especially like the larger folded book in your pics, it has a lovely fluid feel to the page folds and the artwork.

  3. Some beautiful books it looks like - I'm looking forward to trying my hand at it at the conclusion of my alphabet. Oh boy, something new to try! :)

  4. Meg--Congratulations on your beautiful books and for inspiring all this wonderful work. What a great project! I have been working on some alphabets of my own, but I am not an experienced blogger. Is participation in your project open to anyone? If so, how do I get involved? Thanks and HNY, Margaret

    1. Hi Margaret, thank you for the kind words. Sorry I haven't been back to you before now, I am a bit sporadic in my postings. For the last alphabet (the concertina book) and this new dotty one I have ideas floating around in my head then do them all at once. Not the way it's supposed to be done. To be part of the blog you have to be invited by Fiona Dempster as she is running it. So I suggest you leave a message on one of her posts. You might have to wait till next year as the entries have closed for this year I think. Get in touch with her and see what she says, Meg

  5. It's always wonderful to see your work Meg - and great to have you back!


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