Friday, September 28, 2012

Noela's September Letters

More of the same, I'm afraid.
Maybe I'll get some time and energy in October to think of how I will present these letters - quite a challenge for me.

August letters

Catching up at last  --  you never now I might even finish by December!

Second Alphabet 2012

 Sorry to be so late posting my second alphabet as I have been away for two and a half months!
 These letters are designed in Art Noveau style of the 1920's.  I drew the letters lightly in pencil onto hot pressed Arches paper.  I then wet the paper and dropped watercolours onto the surface, when dried I removed the pencil, leaving the letters in relief.
 The to add an interest I added a black image of a dragonfly to the letters.

Hope you enjoy my dragonflies dancing in the July letters.

Wednesday, September 26, 2012


Having finished Grandma's Beads I sat back on my laurels and got stuck into some serious calligraphic projects.  Breathing space- so here is my catch up contribution.  My pledge in contributing to ALAW was to use only found  material or stuff  I already had ...trying to clear out the cupboards.  I did an invitation job for a handbag company and the surrounds for my letters come from left over invitations.  The letters are cut from another invitation which was printed on very thin wood which was a devil to write on but easy to cut with a scalpel.  I have no idea how I will present them and, because they are cut out, they are see- through letters, I will have plenty of scope. I have used Neuland Script as the letter form as it has straight lines and easy to cut-out.

Sunday, September 23, 2012


Continuing with my 'accidental alphabet' which began to just happen when I was experimenting with new watercolors. 
 Like many, I am captivated by the mingling of the pigments, the meandering drips, textures and shapes
 that appear as the paint and water meet. Ahhhh the best techniques I believe are the spontaneous
 ones . . . when I get so engrossed in the process . . .
 I forget about the world and what time it is and just get lost in the magic. So, I must confess: These letters are almost painting themselves . . .
. . . with just a little help from me and my brush. I hope everyone is doing well. We are enjoying Fall which is my favorite season. Thank you for visiting!

Monday, September 17, 2012

Kim Schoenberger - finally finished alphabet one!

Firstly, I must apologise for my lack of presence with ALaW the last few months, 'tis the usual story of work overload....

Doing catch up with my first alphabet and it is finished!!!  I am very happy with the outcome after which alot of brain power and contemplation went into the final touches of the light box to make it work effectively and look aesthetically appealing.

All complete - aerial view and lit up at night.

As this was my first attempt with making a light box and having no idea of 'how to' make one there were several things that didn't work which I had to reconsider! Not wanting to glue the pianola scroll down or frame the box, I decided to sandwich the scroll between two sheets of clear plexiglass raised above the light box with a 'pin' system.
Finding the exact size and system for the lighting was a challenge, which resulted in several trips and exchanges at the local hardware store, not to mention the different width cuts of timber - I eventually got it right!!! 

... when I found this lighting system, it fit perfectly like a glove, even the extension cord distance - if only I'd found this system first go!

Another view in the daylight...

Now that is finished, I best make a start on alphabet two!

Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Julie's L,M,N,O

Just when I get used to the way blogger works, they go and change it! Frustrating! Here are the next 4 letters of this alphabet. Based on Waters Titling, designed by Julian Waters, it's cut paper on pastepaper backgrounds. Enjoy!

Tuesday, September 4, 2012

August Letters?

I think i am a month behind - August seems to have sped past...

Sunday, September 2, 2012

Noela's Dotty Letters for August

Lau's letters, EFGHI

Here are the following letters.
A white square with two blue shapes...
I had lot of fun to find out how to make these letters, specially the I.

Saturday, September 1, 2012

Mieke, Catching up!

I can't believe I am doing alphabet number 6!
This will be definitely my last.
For this one I am choosing my preferred use of material, CLAY.
And for that matter my preferred use of firing as well, RAKU.
so here are my letters from august and September.

I used a white crackle glaze, left the letters unglazed which in the reduction bins go black.