Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Latvian letters??

This could be latvian for late letters perhaps.  Seriously closing in on an idea for putting them together.  Just need to finish them.  Did I mention 8 weeks to Christmas?

Deb - MNOP

My letters for October. Since I am using paper from an old Ikea catalogue I thought I would pay a visit to Ikea and see if I can find anything to display/keep my letters in. I don't know if I will find anything small enough but I know I will have fun looking!

Tuesday, October 23, 2012


Hello friends, below are my letters for October

 M with some mingling of blues and greens with a pinch of purple . . . .
 N is very bold and almost falling off the sides of the page,  greens with an accent of gold-orange . . .
 O is rosy and lopsided with a few dry-brush marks for texture . . . .
P is a rusty greenish-fray darker at the top left corner, fading and falling as it dries . . . I hope all is well with you, thanks for stopping by!

Wednesday, October 17, 2012

second alphabet


I was very busy during the last weeks but I did not forget alaw.
With a friend of mine, Anne-Claire, from France, we had decided to make both the challenge by giving herself constraints of size, paper, and color and we are happy to show you our joint work. We made two letters each in our turn, those for whom we were inspired. No matter who made what, here are the first 12 letters.
Hope you enjoy this work !


Monday, October 15, 2012

next 5

I'm a bit late but I just notice that I'm half the way of this alphabet so it's not so bad !
here are E, F,O, U and X

it's really fun for me to look in my books and find the letters I prefer and then paint them. I'm not sure of how I'll manage to put them all together but ... some months more to think of it ! and that's a good use of all the little bits of parchment I kept just in case ... now is the case !

Sunday, October 14, 2012

Fiona's first alphabet finished

I know that the saying 'better late than never' can be over-used but I am hoping I get away with using it again for now!

I have finally completed my first alphabet. I had managed to stay on top of the letters but the pulling together of the final piece completely eluded me for quite a while.

Barry and I have reflected that when he got ill in May, we subsequently lost about 3 months of our lives and have been busily playing catch ups ever since. So I am about 3 months late with this which kind of adds up.

Here are some photos of it being strung together.

I wanted to make a dangling piece this time - and found some beautiful silver jewellery wire in Brisbane and some silver crimps. I cut the wire into 4 x 2m lengths and threaded a crimp on each wire to form the base for my first page - Z

I then pierced a hole in the corner of the Z 'page' and threaded it along the four wires so that it rested on  the crimps. Then I measured 5cm along each wire (between each page) and threaded a crimp on each wire to that point and squeezed it so it would stay in place. I then threaded the next page Y and performed the whole shebang 26 times. Phew.

Am I making sense yet?

I tried to take some shots of it hanging, but that was hard...

But I also liked the way it folded itself gently onto the floor...

I am back on track kind of sort of with my second alphabet - the design is sorted, the pages are decorated and cut and the idea is worked out in my head...now to put pen to paper and get some letters down!

Friday, October 12, 2012

Well it is October and I am just beginning my second alphabet.  Dear
oh dear.  It is a little worn, battle weary, torn, rusted, fabric with
quite a bit of history.  As with most of my recycled art
there is always a journey and now I have finally begun this one.
I have done a slightly different holey version of the alphabet this time.

Sunday, October 7, 2012

Jenny's September Letters

I have tried a new way of putting the photos on. It is easier, but the photos are side on - sorry! Hopefully you can still see them, and I will try to get it right next month!

terrie's playing catch up

I haven't worked on my second ALAW alphabet in a while so played a little catch up while I was on vacation.  Most of this one is computer work at this point so I printed out the background for all the letters (flowers beginning with each letter in a faded script), found and cropped the flower images before we left and hand lettered the alpha using my parallel pen while vacationing.

Originally I was going to do one flower per letter but I have so many pretty flower pics that I'm going to use multiples (though I won't take up your time to show them all).  My idea is that these will end up in a handmade book and it will be interactive because you can pull the photos out of each alpha pocket.

Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Deb - IJKL

Here are my letters for September - a little late!
As stated before these have been cut from an old Ikea catalogue and glued to water colour paper.