Thursday, February 2, 2012

Jenny's January Jaunt

This is actually the second version of my "dotty" letters - I may decide to use the first version as my second alphabet.  This one came from a doodle i did in a boring meeting - i liked the idea and developed it! The circle is gold powder on gilding mix and the line and letter are white guache.  The images are not too good, i'm afraid since my scanner is not speaking to my computer and I am not very good at photographing my work with a camera!


  1. Clever concept! This is lateral thinking in progress.

  2. I'm loving how this is headed. Clean and simple but it's going to be elegant! love the touch of gold.

  3. I love where this doodle took you - and the line as well. How cool that a meeting led to these! They look almost Japanese in a way...


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