Sunday, January 29, 2012

Lyndell - BCDE

It has been a struggle to find time to complete the letters what with work, family etc etc. I really enjoy doing them though.
First of all I painted a sheet of paper with Quink ink and then used bleach to make the dots. It's kind of like magic when the dots eventually appear out of the background. Lots of fun.


  1. Sounds magic Lyndell. I really like your delicate, sepia looking letters.

  2. Now that's a new one... sort of reverse painting... looks like stitching. Love the letters.

  3. I love the coppery effect - and never would have guessed that you used bleach. Lovely patterns too...they make me think of a modern twist on the Renaissance letters decorating illuminated manuscripts.
    - Lisa

  4. Lyndell, thanks for the tip! How cool. The letters look lovely and I imagine how magical it must be for the dots to appear!


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