Thursday, January 12, 2012

Barry's introduction

Barry Smith © Foldformed letters - a touch of blue

Hi all

I am a sculptural, assemblage and metal work artist based in Maleny, in the Sunshine Coast hinterland.

I like three dimensional artwork; artwork that has layers and embeds history and messages in and on the material; artwork that takes used, forgotten and discarded materials and objects and gives them new life, new forms, new meanings.

Much of my work reflects themes of peace, meditation, nature and our journey through life and the environment.

I am not a calligrapher and really can't form letters properly at all. But I have two saving graces: I love pens and have quite a collection of modern Lamy 'fountain' pens; and I am married to a skilled calligraphic artist. I have taken part in ALAW from the beginning to challenge myself to combine letters and my metal and 3D art forms. So far so good - but I keep thinking I'll run out of ideas with each new year. 


  1. lol... there's plenty of us 'calligraphers' that can't form letters either.... except we don't have an excuse! Loved your letters last year as you know!

  2. Oh Barry, what can I say?... you are a gem and your work is superb.


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