Monday, January 2, 2012

Introduction - Marie Helene

Hi everybody !

I live near Lyon in France in a house with a nice garden, I work in a Public Library and sometimes help my husband who is a book seller in a little town nearby, so you can imagine I'm living amongst books everytime.

I'm also teaching calligraphy in associative youth organisations and I'm learning medieval illumination. I like writing, painting, reading, sewing, and making books on my own to protect and present some of the things I'm collecting daily (I can't go anywhere and not bring something back, such as stones, feathers, bits of anything - I know I'm a bit sick !).

My little girls have grown up and leaved the house, still remain two birds (a species from Australia, by the way : Mr and Ms Piou) and my little she-cat Queenie.

I'm very glad to join you on this project, it will be very stimulating to have to work on something very different from my usual personal calligraphic work.


  1. Hello Marie, it is nice to know more about you and have glimpse into your world. Your illumination is beautiful.

  2. Hi Marie Helene,
    your illumination is exquisite - I wish I lived around the corner so you could teach me.

  3. I really look forward to seeing more of your gorgeous work Marie Helene.

  4. Welcome Marie Helene - - we're excited you could join us from France! Your illumination work is exquisite; I look forward to seeing what your imagination comes up with.

  5. wow, great work can't wait to see your abc.

  6. thanks a lot for your comments ! my first alphabet will try to be dotty, but the next one will be medieval, I promiss ...

  7. Contente de voir une compatriote rejoindre ALAW !
    J'avais participé avec beaucoup de plaisir l'an dernier à ce projet.
    à bientôt!


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