Monday, January 2, 2012

Introduction - Kim

Hi there,

I live in a gorgeous part of the world on the Sunshine Coast Hinterland, Queensland, Australia on an acre of land with my partner Glen and Mini Fox Terrier named, Max. It's mostly green and lush all year round, allowing me to grow an abundant supply of organic produce. We like to live simply and happily...

I work as a full time artist - Sculptor and Ceramist - my sculptural works consist of rusted welded metal, steel and found objects welcoming the 'laws of chance' whilst assembling. My ceramics can be large, boisterous, and rustic made with heavily grogged clay, or, very fine and delicate made in porcelain. Sometimes I combine both clay and metal, often going off the beaten track to explore different mediums and techniques.

Although I am extremely disciplined, freedom (of expression) rates highly on my list, resulting in an unorthodox approach to my arts practice and daily routine. I love every minute of being creative and an artist, and chose to continue to do so for the rest of my time here on earth!

A link to my blog;

Kim Schoenberger "detail" from my first aplhabet - ALaW 2010 (photo by Natalija Brunovs)

A big thank you to Fiona for setting us this creative task - it's a real gem. I'm really looking forward to another fun-filled ALaW for 2012.


  1. Hi Kim, Happy new year to you!-I look forward to more inspiration in 2012-cheers!

  2. Great to see you back here Kim... here's to an amazing year!

  3. Fabulous to be thinking outside the square - your imagination is inspirational. Happy NY xoxoxo

  4. how you mix everything is amazing !

  5. Hi Jo, yay it's great to be involved again, yes here's to an amazing year!

    Thanks Noela! Happy NY to you too.

    Thanks Marie.

  6. My first year to join in though I followed along last year lurking about the edges of the blog. Can't wait to see what everyone does - love your rusty goodies from 2010....could almost work for the dotty theme this year! :)

  7. Hi Terrie, nice to see you have been following (lurking around :-) alaw last year, even nicer you've come onboard! yes my 2010 could almost work as the dotty theme, it had crossed my mind and am seriously thinking about it...

  8. Glad you're back and ready to go Kim - looking forward to where it takes us all!

  9. looking forward to see your next one.
    it wil be amazing as always.


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