Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Noela's start to 2012

I have decided to leave the 'dotty' letters till later - I have so many ideas that I can't focus on one as yet.
I wanted to try some conventional calligraphic style letters - just for the hell of it, and I love the fine control you can get with gouache paints- so here we have the first 4 letters.
  • The font was one I found on the internet and I have changed some letters slightly,
  • I have used my favourite colours - aubergine, deep purple, celadon, mauve, blue grey, beige,
  • Background papers are mostly Canson Mi Teintes,
  • Paint is gouache with Jo Sonja acrylic gold highlights,
  • The brush I used is a taklon size 2.
I have a feeling that they are a bit plain, boring, understated??? but I will leave them for now - maybe something will be added later. I think I will make them into a T or maze style book, and perhaps add some more painted detail on the back.


  1. There is something very attractive about these letters. Very nice!

  2. Is there no end to your talents Noela? These are great.

  3. I love the shape of these letters and your use of color - I don't think the letters need another thing - these are SO wonderful!

  4. Your letters are beautifully formed and as for you thinking they are lacking - perhaps you need to keep the sum of the whole in mind rather than the individual letters, as I think there will be plenty of visual information with the lovely aubergine borders tying the different coloured squares together.

  5. Very striking! Love the colors and square border! Can not wait to see more!

  6. great colors ! and the little gold touch is just ... evident !

  7. These are stunning, and gorgeous and perfect just the way they are. Did I mention awesome?

  8. These are gorgeous - simple, but at the same time very rich as you discover all of the different layers that make up each letter.
    - Lisa


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