Thursday, January 12, 2012

Keeping Track

As a newbie to ALAW, my biggest fears are keeping a steady pace (ie - not doing all the letters at once -which would be pointless as it's a letter a week!) and losing track of where I should be up to (which is why I might panic and try and do all my alphabet at once), hence I have just gone through my i-calendar and put a reminder of which letter I should be up to each week through out the year. 

Completely paranoid or just extremely organised? 
As I am one blessed with the propensity to finish any given project at the 11th hour - I'm opting for completely paranoid!
I'm sure I will become calmer about keeping pace as the project unfolds around me.

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  1. Panic is common at this time of year. Don't fret.. I am still behind for last year. I WILL sew my letters together SOON... I promise.


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