Monday, May 28, 2012

Lorinda's Final Letters

Inspired by the talented Terrie, I pushed on through and finished up my first alphabet this evening.

It's been such an interesting challenge using the circles (dots) and triangles. It almost seems more difficult to come up with a second alphabet when we can do whatever our little hearts please (within 3" x 3" of course).

I've so enjoyed seeing how all of the other alphabets here have come together and can't wait to see everyone's final displays and second alphabet ideas.

Saturday, May 26, 2012

last dotty letters

Here's the last of my dotty alpha:

This was fun to make and now I have to figure out how to display them.  Because I designed them to connect in a linear way, I'm sort of restricted in order to show them to the best advantage.  I'm thinking I'll play around with it this weekend.  I'm so looking forward to everyone's new direction - I have no idea what mine will be.  Do any of you?

Friday, May 25, 2012

circle alphabet - qrst

Such a BUSY month, giving and taking calligraphy and illumination classes !
I just look right now how great is the work of all of you, and that will enlight my day !

I succeeded to make my may letters and here they are :

and two more :

almost finished then !

Wednesday, May 23, 2012


Another busy week/month is flying by. I've enjoyed this 'dotty' alphabet so much, I'll be sad to see it end. However, I'm busy sketching some ideas for my final presentation.

 Q is a variation of some earlier palettes, with toned down color.
 r is more of the exploration of seeing it/not seeing it amidst the busy background.
 S is lively and bright, drifting off the page as if waving goodbye . . .
T is bold with it's wild color but almost overtaken by the dots themselves.
Thank you for visiting - have a great day.

Monday, May 21, 2012


Here I am !!
Those letters are a little bit brighter than the first ones...
so I think I will use darker colors for the last ones, just to vary a little bit!
I have no idea how the final presentation will be...

Sunday, May 20, 2012

Following letters

Here's are my new letters.
I wanted to use the colors of rainbow : after blue, green, yellow, orange, and red, here is "indigo", a little sade, isn't it ?
Like weather today, weather to be in house and do calligraphy !

Deb - letters for May

Here are my letters for May. Trying out all sorts of things for the final presentation but not happy with any of them yet!  26 is certainly an odd number to work with.

Jenny's May letters

So... this month has Q from April as well as the 5 letters for May... and i'm putting May in early.  I got inspired this month and did them all quite early on instead of my usual spreading across the month.  I realised whilst importing them that it is difficult  to see the background colour - the paper is a lovely dark green with a bit of blue in it.  I am still having technical difficulties with my scanner not talking to my laptop and my desktop computer not talking to the internet - it seemed easier to photograph the letters rather than try to untangle that but it means the images are not quite as good.  i'll try to sort it all out by the next lot of letters!  I have also started putting the book together that the letters go in - i'm quite pleased so far!  since there are a lot of images already in this post, i'll keep the format a secret until next this space!

Saturday, May 19, 2012

Lisa's N - T

Here are the next two rows of my alphabet, arranged relative to one another on the 49-square grid I've chosen as the final format (I'll save the complete view for when the alphabet is finished). My favorites of this set are 'Q' & 'R' (which I realized looks like a little 'r' if you rotate it ninety degrees counterclockwise...I considered positioning it so, but decided to keep all the letters uppercase). I also like the negative space between the 'R' & the 'S'.

Only six weeks/six letters to go until we reach the half-way point of the year. Filling up this grid has served as an interesting 'calendar'―a new way to show the year's progress. I'm excited about the next alphabet, and hope that the dot/pixel constraint makes narrowing down the possibilities a bit easier this time!

Friday, May 18, 2012


Goodness, is this nearly the end of our circles and dots.   One more post to go and it's crunch time putting it all together.  My original idea of presentation has gone by the wayside and I am hoping that my new idea will work...we shall have to wait and see.   Heather

Tuesday, May 15, 2012

susan's q, r , s and t ......

Here they are - a little later than most people but here never-the-less!  I suppose we are all starting to think about presentation at this point?  I confess I haven't given it much thought as yet, have thought about the second alphabet, not yet begun, but not given time to this one.  I must.  Only six letters to go ....... which will mean half the year gone already.

 See you all next month ...... for some of us getting colder and for those of you 'up there', enjoy the approaching summer warmth.

Monday, May 14, 2012

Kim Schoenberger - MNOPQ - RSTUV

I'm late and early! April's letters MNOPQ and RSTUV for May. Continuing on with my polka dot pianola scroll with the letters being cut out creating a negative space. 

My research into the light box idea so far is looking to be a costly exercise!  I do want to finish the piece in this way and have been to many different stores for advice - I have a few more places to check out, however at the moment - I'm in the procrastination phase ...

Letters for May

I must say it feels like forever since I did these letters in preparation for my time away.

These have had Sumi-E water based Japanese calligraphy ink applied.

Left to dry

But not too long

and then rinsed off under running water.
I wonder what I will do next!!!!
x te

Julie's MNOP

Hello Lettering People! Going back to my first alphabet, here are the next 4 letters. I am alternating alphabets each month just for next month will be my alphabet based on circles. Love what you all are doing! Julie Gray Denver, NC