Thursday, March 1, 2012

Julie's A through H

Oh my goodness! I figured since I didn't see any pictures come up on email, I was fine...but didn't realize I had to sign in new every year to get emails!
I HAVE been working on my first alphabet right along, so here is a catch up.
I actually have the whole alphabet done, because all the letters are connected, so it had to be designed all at once. But I will just show you sections at a time, then the finished put together in the end. It looks sort of wonky in sections. Letters are cut out of Arches Black cover paper.
I'll keep up now! And my dotty alphabet will be the second one.
Julie Gray
Denver, North Carolina, USA


  1. This is really fabulous - and such an original idea - a great way to challenge yourself on how to join the letters up!!

  2. I really like the rhythm and the swing in this set of letters - and the lovely black!

  3. Great! I love this alphabet! so simple and so beautiful...


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