Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Jenny's February Post

 Well where is my year going already???  Here are my February contributions - we are only part-way through March, right?  Actually I should also have done "I" according to my calendar but I didn't like the background and i didn't have time to re-do it so it will have to sneak into March's letters - maybe no-one will notice...

I'm quite pleased with E and H, not so sure about F and G - maybe I should restrict myself to only one "dot"?


  1. I like them all - isn't it amazing how something as simple as a circle and a line can be so very different. I love this alpha.

  2. Like you Jenny I love the E and the H the most - I think that's my bias for odd-numbered elements in a design. They have the line, the circle and the letter - 3! Its beautiful concept being executed brilliantly - love that gold!


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