Saturday, March 24, 2012

Back on track .........

I had fun trimming down my letters ..... not sure they have the same sense of design though I think they look more cohesive now.  Only my 'f' would not reduce - could have been worse.

Here are the pics ....... I actually like the photo of the letters on the discarded 'bits' and the remnants on their own.

Have really enjoyed looking at everyone's alphabets :-)

Be back next month. Happy lettering.



  1. Interesting how you overcame the challenge of reducing your letters. It worked very well.

  2. Love the graphic quality of your work - what did you use to colour your paper - was it shellac or maybe water colour/gouache? I too like your photo of piled, jumbled letters, have actually thought to myself it might be a good final presentation choice.

  3. Thanks Jo .... better I think - or certainly more in keeping with all we are doing collectively.
    rObfOs ..... still don't know what your name is! I confess to being a rust junkie of old ..... fourteen years of rusting paper ........ these days though I use rusting more as a starting point for some of my dark moody work. May be rusted out but always have bits lying around. I love messing up paper before working into it - started doing this when I began the dAd project (drawing a day) started by Adele Outerridge in 1998. Have blank pages to draw into each day was uninspiring.

  4. That little hiccough seemed to be dealt with pretty well! They still look gorgeous and like everybody; I kind of love the piled up shot...

  5. Sorry Susan, didn't mean to be rude - my name's Robyn! rObfOs is my little nom-de-plume disguisey to hide behind out there in the big blogosphere.

  6. Hi Susan, oww yummy! I LOVE these...


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