Saturday, March 24, 2012

circle alphabet - k & l

hello everybody ! spring is back here, with little flowers in the field and singing birds in the trees, and the SUN and some warmness !

and so is back my circle form with this K

and I did what I could for the L ...

not so easy to have an alphabet as a whole, but I'm having fun and I'm so admirative of the amazing letters of all of you !


  1. You're going well Marie Helene, keep them coming.

  2. Your comment on spring and your circle letters reminded me of the circle of life and the circling of the globe we live on. As I am reading your post the season has turned to Autumn where I live, on the other side of the globe. Enjoy your Spring, I know I'll be enjoying our dip into cooler weather, such a treat in the sub-tropics.

  3. That lovely K looks as if it is about to go for a walk! You are getting the curves just right on all those straight letters.

  4. These are lovely, almost cryptic creating a symbolic effect and appeals to my sensibilities...


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