Tuesday, February 28, 2012

hello from Jacky ...

Thanks so much Fiona for letting me join the group.  I'm a late starter..... but catching up quickly!  This past week or so I have stitched the letters below. 
I have used a lovely soft white linen cloth which I have torn (I love those frayed edges)  for my backing and thread beads to stitch the letter.  The thread beads ( a la Jude Hill)  are my take on the 'dot' theme for one of the alphabets.  The letters are all hand drawn, so not perfectly even or uniform.

I love stitching and painting... living in East Gippsland, a very beautiful part of Australia I am constantly inspired  by my environment in my art/creativity.  I am married and have two gorgeous grown up sons.  We live on a farm with lots of cattle, horses, dogs, cats .... and beautiful native birds and animal life.

Jacky xox


  1. Lovely to see a new ALAW-er. Welcome. I'm a bead person so those letters really appeal to me.

  2. what a good idea ! and your letters are nice, too !

  3. Welcome on board Jacky - already I lot show you create 'thread beads'. The letters are looking great; I hope you enjoy.


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