Tuesday, March 13, 2012

March Letters - Jo

I seem to be keeping up with the challenge this year.  Perhaps because I spend so much time on the computer I can easily fit in my digital letter-making.

The background begins as a painting of mine, digitally altered and given a film grain effect in Photoshop.  The letters are Blackadder font.

My final presentation will be groups of  3 x 3 matted and framed, at least that's the current plan.  The extra square might be a problem, but I'll overcome that when I get there.


  1. Wonderful letters Jo! I love your use of color.

  2. Are the backgrounds all from the same piece of art and you just move the part you use around? Are you going to share which piece of art? It's a great effect and so colorful.

  3. your little white dots on the black letters bring some light, just as in the medieval illuminations

  4. Terrie - Each set comes from a different painting and, yes, I move the window around each work so the backgrounds are slightly different.

    Thanks for the positive feedback Lorinda and Marie Helene, it is all very encouraging.

  5. A good idea to do letters on the computer Jo - we seem to send so much time there hey? Bright, bold, beautiful. I'm sure the 3x3 thing will be elegantly resolved!


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