Thursday, February 9, 2012

Mixing It Up

"B" for Bandicoot

                                                          I was working away on my little
                                                           letter "b" bandicoot and thought to
                                                            myself, why not mix it all up  just 
                                                            a little bit?  Why not just put all of
                                                            the letters of the  alphabet in a hat
                                                            and pull out a different letter each
                                                            week.  That  way it will be a big,
                                                            random  surprise  as  to   which 
                                                            letter I will be doing each week
                                                            and I will not be slogged down in
                                                            knowing exactly what  is  planned
                                                            for  the  next  year.  Does  any  one
                                                            else work like this?  Or would  you
                                                            rather have each letter  waiting  for
                                                            you in an orderly fashion  through
                                                            out the year? I kinda  like the idea
                                                          of  having new  surprises  to look 
                                                        forward to.  What do you think?


  1. Sounds like a reasonable plan but I reckon I have enough surprises waiting for me during the year. Love your bilby!

    1. I don't know what realm I was in as I was typing this up this morning, Jo!
      Did I really say Bilby (slap my forehead with my palm), I meant to say bandicoot!!!! I shall have to go back and edit!!!!! Those ears are obviously NOT big enough for a bilby!!!!

  2. Because my letter blocks are going to be connected with a continuous pattern, I need to do them in order, but I like the idea of the surprise of what letter you'll be working on. Seems like it would work well for your adorable animal alpha.

  3. thanks to you and your wonderful letters, I'm improving my animalistic (?) vocabulary !
    and your idea of the suprise of what letter you work on at the moment is great. I'll do that for my next ALAW !

  4. Wonderful letter! Even your post text is playing it!!

  5. I like the idea of mixing it up Robyn - the element of surprise keeping you fresh. This is gorgeous and I love the way the post plays along as Lorinda say.

  6. thanks for your lovely comments everyone and I am glad you are discovering some new animals marie helene (0v0). I look forward to surprising you all with my next letter when I mix it up a little.


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