Friday, February 24, 2012

circle alphabet - next next ones

and here come G and H. I'm not so fond of my G looking like a snail (but in a way, snails are some gastronomic speciality here !)

I'm so happy to be part of this project and see all the wonderful ideas emerging this year !


  1. I really like your 'G'- the abstractness of it, like a perfect spiral! It's fun to see the alphabets beginning to take shape now that many people are a good way through.
    - Lisa

    P.S. I will finally be posting several letters soon (though I have a feeling I still might go through another round of refining). I'm having a hard time staying true to the letter 'a week' part of the brief! But thank you all for the inspiration & motivation...

  2. What's wrong with snails? They are delicious.

  3. Wonderful creativity and imagination Marie Helene, both these letters are beautiful and I love the snail, l'escargot francais!

  4. Hi Marie Helene, your little curled up letters remind me of sleeping lizards. I hope you don't mind this comparison. I like lizards (they are generally pretty slow and quiet, like me), I also like your little letters.

    1. so kind of all of you ! we do like snails as a meal here in France, particularly for Christmas diner. and LIzards ... well, why not ! just snail with some foots ...
      I thinks we'll soon see lizards appearing again since Spring might come in a few weeks, with sun and heat !

  5. Funny and original work! Snail, lizard... a little bit snake also, no? ;-)


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