Friday, July 27, 2012

Noela's Dotty alphabet

I have been preparing paper for this alphabet for several months - playing with 'bruising' papers, immersing in green tea in rusty oven trays, and using some sludgy inks and even mouldy green tea leaves.
The results from green tea and rust are the best.
These are some of the other results [showing the general process]- the dotty blobs are created from the rust as the fluid dried on the paper.
I have misplaced most of these papers in the chaos of the last few months, hmmmmm, but I found enough to start my dotty alphabet.
I wanted round, dotty letters and have made them as simple as possible. Not sure which ones to use - the positives, negatives, or relief overlay with both. I was thinking a concertina book, but may have to change my ideas to accommodate the relief [I really like the shadows]. Any ideas???


  1. OMG - so creative! I love your paper treatments and then your round letters are just amazing. Three alphas in one :) I'm thinking I like the shadow one best as well. Maybe there's a way to alternate them?

  2. What an interesting process with the papers! I like the positive ones best.

  3. thanks for this tutorial, the process is very interesting, so is the result, I love all the letters and so can't be of any help to choose !

  4. Very interesting and great photos on how you make the paper. Fantastic. Looks like fun.


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