Sunday, July 1, 2012

Eithna's Book

I thought I was making an accordion book but about four folds in the book grew a spine! so I continued in that way. I enjoyed making the cover but all the precision page cutting I found difficult and the end result is far from precise. It's finished for now but I think I will redo it at a later date.I feel the letters deserve a better space but my aspirations/ideas and my book making skills are poles apart!  But I could not (a mental thing) begin the next alphabet unless this one was finished,  Arzigogolare suggestions really set me thinking about other possibilities, thank you, and I'd like to have something I'm happier with to show Noela when she drops by. But for now, here is my Book..... Mark1.

I added a little image of a type writer onto the cover as the letters were "type-writer" stamps

My late father had a Marble Quarry and all the maps that I used in this alphabet were old photocopies that he had made in order to get mining permission. For the cover I used the original map. It is yellow with age.
All of these I found recently in an old suitcase. I love all old papers especially with hand writing and these are part of my family history. I was so happy to have had this project to breathe new life into these papers and  to add my mark to them.
Thank you Fiona for this opportunity and THANK YOU ALL for  your kind, encouraging comments.


  1. as far as I'm concerned, don't change anything ! I really love your little book and its "old thing" appareance. like you, I re-use old documents in my works, this is a new life for these old things. I'm waiting for your next alphabet !

  2. I agree with Marie-Helene... it is really just perfect.

  3. I think this is just gorgeous and the 'old' paper cover fits beautifully with the pages. I think you did a masterful job!

  4. It's beautiful! How lovely that you could use papers that have such meaning to you. I love the little image of the typewriter.

  5. I love the story of the maps in you brook Eithna, and think it has come together so well. It has heart. And a lot of style! I love the closure and the grey fabric on the cover, the bring all the threads together so beautifully.

  6. Your book came out beautifully - I think the black pages set your letters off very nicely - and it was wonderful to hear the interesting story behind all of the bits of map that you had included in your characterful collages. Like Marie Helene, I am also looking forward to seeing your next alphabet!


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