Friday, July 20, 2012

JGR - ABCD Second Alphabet

Hello, hello! I hope you're all are doing fine. Summer is hot here as always 90's (F) but in a few weeks we'll start really dreaming of Fall: crisp cool air and the beginning of Football Season, I can't wait!
And now for my second alphabet.
 This is NOT what I had in mind however, I was trying out some new shades of watercolors, letting them drip and merge to see how they mixed and voila'-I began to see the shape of an 'A' so, I added the thin cross bar and the suggestion of a serif (bottom right).
I tried another one . . . and this time, I helped it along nudging the paint, adding a light sweep of dry-brushing to get the fine lines. No preliminary sketching, or thinking for that matter LOL! just listening to my music, playing and enjoying those lovely surprises that are always lurking around the next bend.
"C" is my favorite so far, I like the smudge at the top right and the way it's barely recognizable as a letter. I tilted the paper to encourage 'color mingling' then, I left it flat for the paint to
'settle' which makes for random texture.
I had to blot "D"at the bottom right, it was beginning to creep to much and I like the mottled texture it left behind. So: I veered off course and here I am with a new direction for my second alphabet. I added the rounded border to add some control to this haphazard technique. Thank you for visiting!


  1. What a great serendipitous idea! I like the motion of the watercolors and yet so soft. You should get some excellent letters....

  2. These lovely letters should make a wonderful final collection Jane. They are almost not there.

  3. These are very interesting. Love the colours.


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