Monday, July 30, 2012

b and d

here is a B from a 12th century antiphonarium :

and the d is from the famous book of Kells (9th c.)

you can see that the parchment for the last one is a bit more tough and not so easy to paint on !

Home made colors : that means that the group of illuminators I'm working in prepare all the colors they use from plants, minerals, ... mixed with arabic gum and sugar and some other things, it depends of the rough material. then the product is put in little shelves to dry and we can use them just adding water with the brush (very tiny brush : 3/0 to 1 max, repique brushes). I have some plants in my garden I'm using for that.

for the D, I used malachite green, lapis lazuli blue, orpiment yellow and purple.

next ones soon ...


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