Saturday, July 28, 2012

Deb - second alphabet ABCD

 I usually only work with fabric but thought I'd have a play with paper for this alphabet. Way out of my comfort zone! I also wanted to use what I had and not buy any new materials, products, etc.
So I cut some water colour paper into squares and then found an old Ikea catalogue and had fun looking for pages with interesting patterns to cut letters from. I traced the letters and then used my embroidery scissors to cut them out! (I'm sure all you paper experts are having a fit! Don't look too closely at my rough cutting!) I then glued the letters to the background and drew a light wash of grey around the edge using a fabric marking pen. I had great fun doing these and it was nice to work with a different medium.  


  1. These are beautiful and SO creative!

  2. very nice and a new way of working for you !

  3. I can see that this way of looking for interesting patterns could be really fun and maybe even a little challenging to find just the right ones. Looking good!

  4. Lovely designs and very nice letters.


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