Friday, November 9, 2012

susan's second - completed .....

It is so nice to have ticked another project off my list.

Fold over box design

continuing my new logo addiction!

you can see how the cut out folds over and hinges on the central piece

the letters just sit loosely in their box

some of the letters and their box

the alphabet box completed 


  1. I love that box! It achieves what it sets out do do beautifully and elegantly. Together they make such a wonderful piece to go through, picking out this one or that. It has come together really well!

  2. Some superlative is required here... Excellent work.

  3. excellent, that's the word ! and I love your box ! and it seems you're the first to achieve the second alphabet, so : congratulations!

  4. this is a truly beautiful box! Also the letters - they look so interesting

  5. Absolutely beautiful! The box, the letters, everything!


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