Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Deb - QRST

Here are my next group of letters cut from the Ikea catalogue.
I couldn't find anything at Ikea to house my letters so I am now working on a small box/envelope, something I've never done before. Four prototypes so far!!


  1. I just love the idea for this alphabet and the clever way you've managed to use the patterns on the pages (love that T). I'm so inspired, I'm going to do something similar for my next alpha.... I even picked up an IKEA catalog and it's waiting in the wings!

    1. Glad you like the idea Terrie. It was a last minute decision after another idea failed! And I don't normally work with paper so it's all experimental, but fun!

  2. Another wonderful installment of your second alphabet. I'm with Terrie about the 'T' being exceptional, but have enjoyed every single one very much.
    I, too, have abandoned the original idea for my second alphabet (it was a little overambitious), but love how many different ways you can go with the whole ALaW theme...
    - Lisa

  3. This has been that wonderful combination of simplicity and complexity - and all sophistication. I love the R here - its pretty special...


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