Sunday, May 13, 2012

Q, R, S, T - Jo

Next month I'll just have to do six letters as I tend to schedule four a month, no matter how many weeks.

Here's May.....

The number of letters might present some presentation problems, as I'd planned to frame them in sets.  Guess if I did 3 x 9 and added a signature to the last that would work.


  1. 14/5 ... Oops, that WONT work... How about a book instead?

  2. woo hoo Jo - am loving the colours going on in the background here Jo! I agree that 26 is a hard number to present. If you did an "&" between the Y and the Z say, then 3 sets of 9 would work I think...

    1. Thanks for the tip Fiona... I'll mull it over.


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