Monday, May 28, 2012

Lorinda's Final Letters

Inspired by the talented Terrie, I pushed on through and finished up my first alphabet this evening.

It's been such an interesting challenge using the circles (dots) and triangles. It almost seems more difficult to come up with a second alphabet when we can do whatever our little hearts please (within 3" x 3" of course).

I've so enjoyed seeing how all of the other alphabets here have come together and can't wait to see everyone's final displays and second alphabet ideas.


  1. Wow - your letters look amazing - it's so creative the way you used just a couple of shapes and were able to represent each letter. Congrats on finishing - now onward and upward for #2

  2. So clever! Looking forward to seeing how you display them.

  3. so imaginative you are ! I'm waiting to see what you'll do with !

  4. so playfull and I love the colours.
    finished the letters nice and early, gives you time for the finishing, good luck!

  5. I agree with all of the above. A delightful series of letters.


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