Saturday, April 28, 2012

Noela's Letters for April

Argh - another new layout for us to get our heads around.
These blogger boffins must be sitting there thinking up ways to fill in their time and stress out us oldies!!

Anyway, enough of the 'resistence to change' - just get on with it, Noela!!

...once again, gouache on Canson Mi-Teintes papers.


  1. Gorgeous and inspiring letters . . . and I agree with you about Blogger-I am still in angst over the two word verification! :-)

  2. Beautiful letters! and I agree about Blogger too. So annoying!

  3. Your letters continue to be exquisite! I'm looking forward to seeing them all together...
    - Lisa

  4. As a great fan of your work, I've run out of adjectives Noela.

  5. This continues to be one of my fave alphas; it's just so elegant and simple. Can't wait to see the final product!

  6. Still loving those little drifty bits that run into the borders - pretty tricky to organise of rate O I agree!


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