Sunday, April 1, 2012

Elaine's g,h,r & t

More of my dotty stamp and sequin series. I am finding it really interesting to see how the shapes of the letters change depending on where I place the sequins. By just moving them slightly they can give a letter an ‘uncomfortable’ look or make it look rather quirky.

I am still just working on letters that appealed to me at the time, so I have had to make a list of the letters that I have finished so that I don’t leave any out. Does this mean that at the end I will be left with the letters that I don’t want to do?

I just realised that the letter ‘t’ doesn’t have the same style as the other letters, it shouldn’t have the bowl at the bottom, but I like it, so I will leave it for now and perhaps do another one later.


  1. Simple but very effective Elaine.

  2. I bet these are great fun to play with Elaine - I love the placement of the sequins and imagine it must be interesting to see when they look unbalanced; and fun when they suddenly spring to life.


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