Wednesday, April 18, 2012


Hello A.L.A.W. friends, I hope you're all doing well. I've really enjoyed working on my letters and seeing what everyone has come up with; so many wonderful interpretations! Without further delay here are my letters for April: Lower case m for a modern approach-bright green for Spring, overlapping bold & subtle dots - out of register to add 'character' haha!

 Next up; colorful chaos with a scratchy texture-N is more subtle, imbedded in the composition, unlike 'm' which is sitting on top.
 O is larger-than-life and edging off the page, bold dots large and small for the background.
 'p' is totally out of character, I have never used this color combo before, but it spoke to me so here it it. I feel like the letter is floating in a sea of dots, bobbing up and down. Very subtle large dot on left reminds me of a huge sun peeking over the horizon.
Thank you for visiting, have a great week.


  1. Love your work as always Jane. It's colourful and beautifully designed.

  2. These are truly wonderful Jane. I'm madly in love with...well...all of them!

  3. What a great alpha! I love the way you're using the dots and while it ties the squares together, each is so individual! Love the colors in P.

  4. n and p are my favorite this time !

  5. Even though they are each so unique, it's hard to say which letter draws me the most...I love the different emotions each one elicits, through your varying use of color, texture & emphasis.
    - Lisa


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