Thursday, June 28, 2012

susan's final letters .....

Phew - just a couple of days left in June and I have finished my 'dotty' alphabet.  I am now suffering from alphabet envy.  This is my first alphabet book and I am quite pleased to have it, however now I am wishing I had begun this project in 2010 when others did and the completion of this dotty book would mean I had completed five alphabet books!  How marvellous would that be .... having five of them bonding on the shelf ......  ah well, in another few years this book will have plenty of playmates.

This photo next is included as I am still quite partial to the 'bits' I had to cut off my letters as I had not made them the correct size for this project.  I may try and include them somehow when I house my book in perspex.

I will be making a perspex box for my book, and maybe a perspex sleeve for underneath the box and that way the reflections will add another dimension.  This is a borrowed box - you can see all the scratch marks from the pens which usually inhabit the box.  Thought I would just borrow it momentarily for the photo shoot!

And so, my 'dotty' alphabet is complete, apart from its box and now I am working out ideas for the second alphabet.  Something less dotty this time for sure .....  It has been fun though.  Looking forward to all our books meeting.


  1. This turned out beautifully! And the clear box is genius to show it off. What background did you use for the book - a handmade paper? It looks gorgeous. Congrats on finishing this one....can't wait to see #2.

  2. It's a lovely first book (and soon to be joined by others)! The 'rusty' pages set off the black & white letters very nicely...and I love your idea of adding reflections to the mix by using a perspex box & sleeve...

  3. I love these letters! They look wonderful against that background paper.

  4. What a stylish and elegant alphabet book! It is very appealing and just asking to be played with I think! I love the way the letters scan be seen on the front and back as well.


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