Monday, June 4, 2012

Fiona's nearly there...

I've had a pretty weird past few weeks with my husband Barry being ill, so I've not been at all creative, but have still managed to do a few of my letters in my first alphabet.

I have five more letters to do which I should be able to squeeze into the next few weeks if I concentrate. It's so wonderful to see that a few folk have finished and are plotting their find piece.

I am still loving the simplicity and elegance of this little alphabet with the letters all pierced, as part of the 'going dotty or polka dot' theme.

I am still imagining the final piece - I have the main idea, now all I have to do is execute it! Laugh - how often is it that the idea never quite translates as brilliantly to the real thing as when it appears in your head?  Stay tuned.


  1. Looking SO good! I've always loved the simple elegance of this alpha, and can't wait to see the end....

  2. It's always difficult to resolve the final presentation... for me anyway. Good luck with that.

  3. sometimes the subconscious takes over and creates while the mind rests....Cx


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