Tuesday, December 18, 2012

It feels as if I'm just in the nick of time, but nonetheless it feels good to finish when I wasn't even sure I would get started on this second alphabet.

Its nothing glamourous, gorgeous or wonderful, but here it is.

I used some paper I marbled during the Open Studios, wrote with a copper metallic ink in my own version of Modern Versals. Then I mounted the marbled paper onto copper metallic paper and created a dos-a-dos book.

Presenting the 26 letters of the alphabet well has proven a challenge to calligraphers over many many years.  Its not a number that divides easily beyond 13 and 2.

Still it seemed to work out well with this book - 13 letters in each half of the book and a cover and a title page for each section of the book.

It comes covered and wrapped in a little pouch, finished with a copper paper tie.

If you think you might be interested in joining ALAW 2013, feel free to contact me at my email address and I'll let you know how we go getting numbers...


  1. I think your alphabet came out beautifully, Fiona! I love how the copper paper sets off the marbled papers & ties in with the letters themselves. And the structure is a great resolution of the 'division' of letters... Lovely...

  2. Fiona, this is stunning & elegant!

  3. Thanks Lisa and Jane - the copper worked well with the azure and turquoise marbling I think - and the dos-a-dos I love! It is simple in the end, with a hint of elegance I hope...


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