Wednesday, September 26, 2012


Having finished Grandma's Beads I sat back on my laurels and got stuck into some serious calligraphic projects.  Breathing space- so here is my catch up contribution.  My pledge in contributing to ALAW was to use only found  material or stuff  I already had ...trying to clear out the cupboards.  I did an invitation job for a handbag company and the surrounds for my letters come from left over invitations.  The letters are cut from another invitation which was printed on very thin wood which was a devil to write on but easy to cut with a scalpel.  I have no idea how I will present them and, because they are cut out, they are see- through letters, I will have plenty of scope. I have used Neuland Script as the letter form as it has straight lines and easy to cut-out.

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  1. I like these very much Heather - so many layers of interest...


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