Friday, December 30, 2011

polka dots

Hi everyone, I just had to share these pictures with you. After Fiona set the theme Polka Dots I've been seeing them everywhere!

A visit to Gallery of Modern Art (GOMA) at the Queensland Art Gallery in Brisbane yesterday, I came across a room with an interactive component for the kids (& the big kid's) an all white room filled with white furniture. On entering the room you were given a coloured sheet of different size stickers to stick anywhere and everywhere. The room was full of all sorts of furniture; lounge chairs, cupboards, dinning table & chairs, it was so thick with dots you had to look twice to recognise them...

A wooden chair, it was so hard to see when photographing I chopped the bottom off not realising.

Two hats hung from a hat stand,

Child's table and chair and,

A piano and stool. I'm looking forward to seeing all the Polka Dot alphabets this year.


  1. Wow - how amazing - poker dot overkill. What an exciting theme. Can't wait to get started xoxox

  2. Thanks Kim - how cool was that? And so right! Wow.

  3. oh! it's very funny and appropriate!
    Hard to see the chair and hats...
    My eyes are blinking now!

  4. I never saw that before ! now I see what Fiona means ! thanks, Kim

  5. Totally ploka dot overkill Noela, makes for wild inspiration.

    I know Fiona really kool and oh so right. Funny thing, I've not noticed polka dots before, until now :-D

    Hi Marie, I'm glad to have helped :-)


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