Thursday, June 7, 2012

Lyndell - Various letters

Many, many apologies.  Too many things to do and not enough time etc etc (just like everyone else I suspect).  I have got so far behind that I've been struggling to catch up!  So now I'm posting a whole lot of letters at once and not in any particular order.
Luckily I do have some ideas on how to present them once I've got them done.


  1. What a beautiful variety of patterns for the backgrounds. Did you create them with tiny dots? I like the delicacy of the letters themselves as well...
    There are still three weeks left until the halfway mark of the year - now that you've gotten going, hopefully the rest of the letters will flow!

  2. All those lovely intricate backgrounds are amazing. The simple letter forms just jump off the background - love the colors - it there some shine there?

  3. Great backgrounds... and I really like the sepia colour.

  4. The tiny dots are done on a quink ink background with bleach. It's quite strange in some respects as sometimes the bleach turns the paper a sepia colour and at other times it's quite a bright yellow. The beauty of it is that there is no telling what will happen. It's quite spontaneous in that respect. Good fun.

  5. that happens with fabric too.....I love the unexpected too!


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