Friday, February 24, 2012

February - Terrie

My continued alphabet......I made a tiny change and decided to back each square with a colored paper to pick up the spatter color.  I like it much better because it seems to really enhance the colors.

It's fun and challenging to sometimes try to incorporate the spatters and sometimes to ignore them.  I also sometimes have the zentangle overflow or bridge to the adjoining square, and sometimes not.....  I'm having SO much fun with this and with seeing everyone else's projects.  So much creativity!


  1. Lovely tangles Terrie.... keep'em coming.

  2. These are amazing! Love the little bit of background colour.

  3. Love the the little lines and all,great work.

  4. I like how younadded the background paper - it really lifts the splatter and makes it stand out/show up really beautifully.


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